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Deze woning te Sint-Pieters-Leeuw kreeg een volledige facelift. Nadat de voordeur voorzien werd van een hedendaags en tijdloos artglas, volgde 3 glas-in-lood panelen aan de bibliotheek. Tenslotte kwamen de 2 binnendeuren aan bod. Hierbij werd gekozen voor één...

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About us

Artistic glass panels

Artglas – short for ‘artistic glass panels’ – keeps the craft of stained glass alive with modern concepts. The company designs unique creations, assembles them manually, and incorporates them in houses and office buildings. You will find them in windows and doors, domes and decorative walls.

Artglas is the mental product of John Dierickx. It is his goal to give rooms a serene, timeless look and feel, making use of light and colour, and a subtle game of straight lines and curved shapes. This earned john the quality label of design vlaanderen in 2012: a recognition for innovative designers.

Artistic glass panels definitely have their place in contemporary architecture. Artglas incorporates its creations also in double glazing.

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