Voka Limburg has thoroughly renovated the lounge area in their Huis van de Limburgse Ondernemer (House of the Limburg Entrepreneur). The eye-catcher of the concept is an artfully stained glass window that was ordered from Artglas in Zonhoven. Manager John Dierickx is particularly proud of this achievement: “When you enter a company, you have certain expectations. You form an image based on the beautiful furnishings, the friendly welcome, or the great coffee. If all that is in place, you enter a conference or a meeting with a completely different feeling than if you get a bad first impression. Especially if you are positively surprised by something unexpected, like an artistic glass frame, it can be the decisive factor in the choice between company A and B. “

Voka is pleased with the makeover. “Our lounge is much more comfortable to receive guests,” says Johann Leten. “That is important for us, because we have thousands of visitors annually. The glass wall of Artglas is the icing on the cake of our renovation, “concludes Leten.

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