Artistic glas panels

Artistic glass panels

Artglas – short for ‘artistic glass panels’ – keeps the craft of stained glass alive with modern concepts. The company designs unique creations, assembles them manually, and incorporates them in houses and office buildings. You will find them in windows and doors, domes and decorative walls.

Artglas is the mental product of John Dierickx. It is his goal to give rooms a serene, timeless look and feel, making use of light and colour, and a subtle game of straight lines and curved shapes. This earned john the quality label of design vlaanderen in 2012: a recognition for innovative designers.

Artistic glass panels definitely have their place in contemporary architecture. Artglas incorporates its creations also in double glazing.

personal experience

Personal experience is crucial to artglas. Therefore, each creation is cut and polished to the customer’s preferences, consistent with age-old practices. Knowledge of materials and a passion for today’s architectural trends, an innate handiness and an eye for detail all pave the way for technical perfection.

Artglas stained glass also has a contemporary window function, which makes it fundamentally different from traditional styles. Looking out through a work of art without sacrificing privacy is attained through a clever arrangement of clear and coloured structured glass.

Artglas: stained glass as a modest eyecatcher

Artglas is handmade in belgium. Your taste and practical needs always come first to the design. Contemporary or conventional? You decide. And this you know for sure: artglas puts up a unique stained glass creation for you which attracts attention without being obtrusive. Your hall, living room or meeting room looks spectacular and radiates serenity.

Artglas: stained glass to look at and through

You might think spontaneously of churches or slightly older houses. Well, artglas makes stained glass alive and kicking.

Artglas differs from traditional design, as it is not only created to admire, but it also functions as a contemporary window. you control the balance between looking out and living undisturbed, through a clever arrangement of bright and coloured structured glass.



How do we operate?

Our designs range from art nouveau to classic to very modern, sleek and sober. You can use our portfolio for inspiration, but we just as gladly design a stained glass to suit your taste, wishes and budget. After the agreement, we draw your design to full scale, so that you can form a perfect picture of the final result. Nowadays, stained-glass panels are placed between double glazing, which offers insulation and protection. The panel is manufactured using traditional methods.


Our assets

Our great strength lies in combining artistic, contemporary designs with our craftsmanship and new technologies. Most producers of stained-glass windows limit themselves to renovation or reproduction, whereas we focus on new and unique designs. We connect a traditional process with the needs of today’s customers, thus allowing for the specificity of the product as well as the process to live on.  Furthermore, Artglas has a broad technical expertise and knowledge in designing, producing and fitting modern stained-glass windows in different surroundings and situations. We can proudly say that we are a leader in our field. Technical perfection is our strength in every creation. We value the open communication we have with our customers and our employees, in which empathy and custom prevail. Of course this requires a great flexibility.




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