Artglas, the brainchild of John Dierickx, was the fruit of a relentless passion for stained glass influenced by his background in architectural drawing. His passion was ignited some 25 years ago and over that time he has become the technically expert artist you see today. However, the artist himself prefers the term ‘craftsman’. His creative talents flourish, solidly underpinned by his meticulous technical excellence. Expertise is fundamental for developing stained-glass applications. John Dierickx – recognised by the experts as one of the sector’s most gifted artists – knows precisely how to graft the craftsmanship of the process onto a modern-day perspective. Both in view of materials and in the field of application and design, John Dierickx’s role has been key in modernising the craft, bringing it forward to sit comfortably in a contemporary context.

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