Vanaf 5 februari 2021 staat Artglas vermeld als partner in de Homo Faber Guide van de Michelangelo Foundation als ‘master artisan in stained glass making’. Lees hieronder het interview met John Dierickx, bezieler van Artglas.



Wat is de Homo Faber Guide?

Homo Faber Guide is een online platform gewijd aan vakmanschap waarmee je ambachtslieden en hun meesterwerken kunt ontdekken, musea kan verkennen, en galerijen en winkels kan bezoeken die unieke voorwerpen verkopen. Homo Faber Guide is een signatuurproject ontwikkeld door de Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, een internationale non-profitorganisatie gevestigd in Genève, Zwitserland, die in 2016 werd opgericht door Franco Cologni en Johann Rupert. De missie van de Michelangelo Foundation is om meesterlijk vakmanschap te vieren en te behouden, en daarom heeft ze een Europese kaart gemaakt van de belangrijkste vertegenwoordigers op dit gebied, met als doel om al deze talenten met elkaar te verbinden: ambachtslieden, ontwerpers, galeriehouders, kunstcuratoren, verzamelaars en liefhebbers van handgemaakte stukken van hoge kwaliteit.

Artglas is trots deel uit te maken van Homo Faber Guide, een Europees netwerk van ambachtslieden, ontwerpers, galeriehouders, kunstcuratoren, verzamelaars en liefhebbers van handgemaakte stukken van hoge kwaliteit.






Interview met John Dierickx: The glass artist

  • John designs abstract creations in stained glass
  • He can integrate stained glass into double-glazing
  • He loves the sparkle in the eyes of his clients

John Dierickx’s love for stained glass came about rather by accident. Working at a glass company fuelled his fascination with stained glass. He started to experiment with it after his regular working hours. Step by step, he built his own network of clients, and in 1991 he founded his company Artglas. In 2009, he moved the company to a new building with a showroom of a 100 square metres. “Over the years, I have specialised in abstract creations consisting of straight and curved lines. With these designs we make a difference to our clients . Whilst previously people just expected a perfect execution, nowadays they want to be a part of the design process, thinking with you to create a unique design.”

How do you express tradition and innovation in your work?

I try to remain faithful to the craft and not to switch to other techniques. We started our own production of energy saving double-glazing, into which our panels can be built. By integrating led lighting in the air cavity people can enjoy the Artglas anytime.

Could your craft be considered in danger?

Over the years, I had to reinvent myself and the craft. At first, I mainly created rather simple skylights. Nowadays the glass can be placed anywhere, and the artistic drawing has gained more importance. People are looking for something personal and unique.

Which are the most memorable moments?

I’ll never forget the floating feeling when I got out of the TGV with my drawings for stained glass windows for a Parisian hotel. Another moment was the collaboration with Studio Job, who has subtly integrated our logo into his design.

What do you love most about your profession?

It may sound corny, but I love the sparkle in the eyes of my clients during the installation of the Artglas. Sometimes people tell me it’s not cheap when they receive an quote, but once it’s installed, everybody agrees the Artglas is worth its price.

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